For the Love of Film Standing in a darkroom with a bunch of classmates, the smell of chemicals, the awkwardness of barely being able
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Organic 4

    Organic 4 | 20 Botanical Photos Organic 4 is a collection of 20 carefully curated photos that highlight the intricate, delicate details
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Neon Dreams | 25 Real Photos

Neon Dreams | 25 Real photos Something different and unique for the New Year! Neon Dreams is a new , experimental collection of 25 colorful,
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Ethereal Dark

Ethereal Dark | 10 Real Prism Photos I use a bunch of different shaped prisms for my photos. Sometimes, when I’m stacking, twisting, and
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Homestead Gardens

Homestead Gardens Founded in 1973 and nestled amidst the beautiful rolling countryside of Davidsonville, Maryland. Homestead Gardens’ Davidsonville location is the largest enclosed garden
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Stormy Lightning fascinates me. There’s nothing like it on this planet and the literal energy I feel from a good storm is second to
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They Come in Peace

They Come in Peace You never know, maybe they’re looking for resources, maybe they’re looking for a new home, but I bet they just
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Space & Time

Space & Time “Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties
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