Neutral & Natural | 15 Dreamy Photos

Neutral & Natural | 15 Dreamy Photos

Hello Winter. A time of rest. Trees are sleeping, the stars seem brighter, nights are longer and the sun makes grand, fleeting appearances. Digging deeper for inspiration, I find myself sneaking up on shadows, feeling for textures and chasing sunshine, none of which have ever seemed to fail me.

Neutral & Natural is a collection of 15 photos that highlight the delicate details of warm sunlight shining through neutral-colored, textured fabric. Soft focus, a touch of grain and subtle hints of dispersed sunlight all come together to create a unique collection of photos reminiscent of the sunny, warmer Summer days ahead.

Designed with copy space in mind, these photos are perfect for backgrounds, album art, book covers, magazines, web, apps, branding, graphics, social, posters or whatever your beautiful, creative mind can think of ♥

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