You Won’t Go Lonely

"You won't go lonely"
- Dermot Kennedy

Last night, I sat on my couch and just cried. Thoughts of how everyone’s lives have changed lately and of how everything will be forever changed flooded my heart and I just cried. I cried collectively for the entire planet, it was a pretty heavy cry.

But then I thought about all of the good changes I’ve noticed recently. Kids playing outside, neighbors checking up on neighbors, families eating dinner together, people sharing ways to stay positive, artists having more time to create, pets loving the extra time they have with their “hoomans”. The world seems like it should be so torn apart right now, but in my mind, we’re inadvertently growing closer through all of the madness.

After the storm blows through and the world heals from all this heartache, this is what I want people to remember. In a perfect world, in my mind, I believe this is all that we need:

More love,
more time together,
more laughter,
more positivity,
more lifting people up,
and most importantly,
love your family and friends like there’s no tomorrow, today and everyday after.

You won’t go lonely” because we’re all in this together. The sun will rise tomorrow and better days are just around the corner.



In love with every aspect of life's little moments and beautiful imperfections. I'm also a huge nerd.

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