Light_Leaks 50

Light_Leaks 50

Light Leaks 50 is a set of 50 .jpg images, consisting of all 5 of my current Light Leak photo sets. Can be used as backgrounds, overlays, album/book covers, web applications, graphics, posters, or pretty much anything your beautiful, creative mind can think of.



See the preview images for resolution, size and quantity of each included set.


– Light Leaks 1 & 2 are 100%, gritty, grainy, scanned film and I used my dusty Holga camera to create these two sets.


– Light Leaks 3-5 are all digital images, made to look vintage, taken with my Nikon camera.


I believe this photo collection would be a huge asset for any designer to have in their creative library. The images are simple, colorful, eye-catching, abstract, gritty, grainy, and colorful. Individually, each set sells for $20.


What’s included:


All 5 Light_Leaks collections (1-5). That’s a grand total of 50 images.


Visit either site below for licensing & details:



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