My Alarm Went Off at 1am

My attempt at a composite of the Partial Lunar Eclipse from November 19th. I took a little nap during the day, woke up, had coffee, got everything setup, then fell asleep on the couch around midnight. My alarm went off at 1 am, so I jumped up, made some more coffee and spent the rest of the night outside. Outside, on the deck, under the stars, freezing and completely happy. Happy because I was doing something I love. Happy because I felt alive. Happy because I knew there were so many others doing the exact thing I was doing, seeing the same thing I was seeing, feeling the same way I was feeling, and somehow I knew they felt the same. Although it was the middle of the night, dark, windy and cold, none of us were really alone.

Sons and Daughters” by Allman Brown was stuck in my head for a while. Especially the opening verse:

And I will hold you tight. Like the moon in the arms of the sky

The sky always seems so clear on cold nights so I took a minute to capture a long exposure of Orion while the wind was blowing through the trees.

I like how it all turned out. Overall, a 5 out of 5 stars kind of night for me.



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