The only thing that matters to a Lightning Bug is that their light shines bright enough to gain the attention of the love and the light of their life. They don’t waste time doubting themselves, they just shine as bright as they can, give it their all, and most importantly, believe in their own unique light.

Although they may not find their way tonight, tomorrow night the sun will set, and they’ll try again.

3,000 mosquito bites later, this is my composite of the Lightning Bugs that made their way in front of my camera a few nights ago. They’re scarce here but I’ll try again this week.

I’d like to find that magical place where they’re all hiding and just wide-eyed watch them as they light up the summer night sky. All of that beautiful inner light, all of their heart and every ounce of their confidence. Exactly like the way I remember from when I was younger.


In love with every aspect of life's little moments and beautiful imperfections. I'm also a huge nerd.

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