Light Leaks 6 | Summer Daze

Light Leaks 6 Summer Daze is a collection totaling 40 design assets, infused with vintage color schemes, grain, texture, simple shapes and a super-retro feel.

Think 1980-something, by the pool, maybe at the beach, listening to your favorite mixtape on your new boom box, your nose covered in sunblock that keeps your cheap, fluorescent sunglasses in place and then falling asleep in that plastic, lounge chair that your mom loves so much, but she covers you up with a big beach towel and let’s you sleep in it anyway because she knows how tired you are from swimming all day.

This set was simply inspired by hazy, dreamy, summer days soaked with endless sunshine, endless possibilities and endless good vibes.

What’s Included:

Light Leaks 6:

☼ 10 real, scanned film 35mm photos, created with my converted Holga camera. Perfectly sun-bleached, perfectly grainy and perfectly vintage. (JPG 1544px x 1024px @300dpi)

Textured Gradient Backgrounds:

☼ 10 abstract, colorful, textured gradient backgrounds. Perfect for adding a touch of vintage to any design. (JPG 6000px x 4285px @300dpi)

BONUS: Gradient Overlays:

☼ 20 transparent, textured, blurred, gradient shapes. Designed to be used as overlays but could also be used as a standalone design element. (PNG varying sizes, but all mostly around 6000px x 6000px)

Light Leaks 6 Summer Daze is perfect for backgrounds, overlays, album art, book covers, magazines, web, apps, branding, social media, graphics, posters or whatever your beautiful, creative mind can think of.

Click either link below to view the complete set:

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