Ethereal Dark

I use a bunch of different shaped prisms for my photos. Sometimes, when I’m stacking, twisting, and turning them, I start thinking, then I start daydreaming. Like maybe if I catch the sunlight just right, or maybe if I can align all of them in the right pattern, maybe I’ll accidentally create a mini portal on my back deck. I envision it looking like the wormhole in Stargate. A loud whooosh then suddenly a vortex next to the grill. That would be some shit.

Don’t ever stop daydreaming. Who knows what’s left to discover.

Ethereal Dark is a new collection of 10 moody, minimal, real prism photos composed on my back deck with the assistance of the warm sunshine, a few cracked prisms, a macro filter and my camera that doesn’t focus very well anymore. My pup, Penny, also assisted me during the making of this set just by hanging out and being cute.

The combination of dark, rich, moody neutral tones, grain and soft, abstract vibes all come together to create an image set that evokes feelings of serenity, balance and dreaminess. I look forward to experimenting more with images like these in the future because science is fun.

I designed this set to be moody but still soft and minimal with plenty of copy space.

Use as is or play with layer styles as overlays for a super-dreamy look.

Perfect for backgrounds, album art, book covers, magazines, web, apps, branding, graphics, posters or whatever your beautiful, creative mind can think of ♥

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In love with every aspect of life's little moments and beautiful imperfections. I'm also a huge nerd.

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