A Quick Trip to the Ocean

A traditional vacation spot for us Marylanders, Ocean City has always been a favorite destination for me. The sun, the sand, the smell of the ocean, the seagulls, the warm breeze, the boardwalk, Thrasher’s fries, hermit crabs, sand sculptures, lazy days, yes, give me all of that.

Although taking photos during a storm is dangerous, I stayed as safe as possible, used my remote from a good distance and turned away every time lightning struck. Ok, so, I guess I wasn’t really that cautious but, ya know.

Later that night, I woke up and the moon looked amazing. I had to get a photo. It’s a composite of about 10 images. As usual, when I’m taking photos, songs pop into my head. This time, for my moon shot, it was a line from “The End of the Game”:

They'd chased us forever
But the heart would not yield

- Sting



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