Cosmic is a collection that includes a total of 27 images.


Cosmic was inspired and designed by sampling the unique color combinations from each of the official 8 planets in our solar system, little Pluto, our Moon, our Sun and the Orion Nebula. For reference, files 00 through 17 are the planet (and Pluto) gradients and saved in order of their distance from the Sun. Use this conceptual image collection for anything your beautiful, creative mind can think of.


This set includes 13 gradients, 2 versions of each gradient. (13 gradients x 2 versions of each = 26 gradients). Plus, I’ve included a bonus glittery, gold image that you could use for details, accents, overlays or textures. So, this set includes a total of 27 images, 6000px X 4285px @300dpi

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