Along the way, I’ve accumulated a pretty big collection of images that I feel make for great stock photos.


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Since 2001, YouWorkForThem’s mission has been to be the world’s best source for design resources. Privately owned and run by designers, and not subject to shareholders or bottom line.

Trusted by the brands at Apple, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Whole Foods, BMW, Starbuck’s Coffee, Nickelodeon, Dropbox, T-Mobile, West Elm, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Diesel, Burton Snowboards, ABC News, Wired Magazine, Cartoon Network, Sony Music, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Harvard University, Yale University, Huffington Post, Valve Software, Yahoo, Time Inc, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Penguin Random House, Warner Brothers and the band U2 as our clients.

They, and we, understand that great brands need investment and care. For us, that means investing in and caring about design and designers. We pledge to keep providing the most usable, affordable, fonts and stock art in the world, while remaining easy and accessible.


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Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world.


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The Hungry JPEG was started in November 2014 as a website to help designers, crafters, newbies, seasoned graphic design ninjas and well, anybody with an interest in the design world. The aim was to provide high quality design resources for an affordable price and even throw in some freebies!

As the freebies and bundles grew so did the demand for a permanent shop. You asked and we listened! The shop launched in July 2015 and is growing daily! Not only can you now buy whatever you like whenever you like (hand drawn social icons anyone? Or maybe a gorgeous new script font?) but you can still find amazing deals in our premium bundles.

Having built up an incredible reputation for quality, care and customer service we promise to continue to put you, the customer, first.