Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains

Back in 2008, I received an email from the promotional manager of Daisy Chains, a Milan-based indie band. She asked if it would be ok if they used one of my stock images for the cover of the bands new album titled “Donors”. Of course I was thrilled and gladly agreed to the offer. I still can’t believe how sweet it was of her to actually take the time to send me an email about using my picture. She purchased it through my Nanamee (now You Work For Them) profile, which is a collection of my stock images and usually means that she didn’t have to contact me at all. I wish more people would share how they’re using my photos. I just love the idea of someone seeing the same creative value in my work as I do.

Here’s the final album cover they designed and you can check out their music here on Band Camp,  they’re awesome!



Branding, Color, Photography


March 20, 2017